Fukushima: Get Over It

People still seem to insist on screaming “Fukushima” as if it is the nail in the coffin of nuclear power.  I have news for you.  It isn’t.


The reality is that besides the Fukushima reactors being quite old, and with fairly poor containment, a 9.0 earthquake was survived, followed by a 100 ft high (~30 m) tsunami.  About 20,000 people were killed from the wall of water that resulted, but still the focus is on the nuclear accident.

The accident happened primarily because the infrastructure was so badly destroyed that adequate cooling could not be brought to the reactors in time, plus there was a fear – both an unnecessary environmental one, and a financial one (since salt water destroys reactors), about opening the reactors to the oceans.

In any case, changes have already been implemented around the world to update reactors to add further backup protection systems.  Here is an example of how Canadian reactors now handle this situation as an example:


There were zero deaths from the public from the reactor, much as the fear-mongers would have you believe otherwise as they quote insane numbers for cancer that do not materialize, yet at the same time about 1,000 deaths came from suicides and complications of evacuations.  The reality is that in many cases it would have been better to just stay behind, or at least move back much sooner.  There was no need to stay away for years on end – our specifications for what counts as a “safe” background level has little to do with reality, and everything to do with public fear.

So, let’s have no more of this silliness, okay?