Awesome News – Bill Gates is looking at Thorium

Some people reading this might be aware of Gate’s Terrapower company which is in the process of building a uranium based traveling wave reactor, but this is news!

“TerraPower, the Gates-chaired nuclear power company, has garnered attention for pursuing traveling wave reactor tech, which runs entirely on spent uranium and would rarely need to be refueled. But the concern just quietly announced that it’s going to start seriously exploring thorium power, too.”


Full article (original source) at the Weinberg Foundation:


2 thoughts on “Awesome News – Bill Gates is looking at Thorium

  1. Please tell us the Companies in the forefront as Thorium pure plays, Miners with the must abundant land/supply of Thorium, and Manufactures of the LFTR’s for producing energy. Thanks!

    • That is actually a very interesting topic – thorium currently has basically no value, if not negative. It is not rare, and it is found mixed with rare earth minerals on a regular basis. Due to the US regulations which classify it (foolishly) as a nuclear fuel, it results in massive liability and handling costs, even though it is basically still just “dirt” pulled out of the ground. Watch “The Thorium Problem” and other TEAC videos on rare earths and thorium, you might find it quite interesting (link provided).

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