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Fukushima Hysterical Hysteria

I found a series of great videos from Thunderf00t on his Youtube channel about the hysteria surrounding Fukushima.  I’ve had people tell me they have heard some completely crazy things about it – Thunderf00t exposes them.

Millions Die from Fukushima Fallout!
Panic as Fukushima radiation ‘found’ on Californian beach!
Fukushima “Death Cloud” Kills hundreds on US Warship
Fukushima ‘Death Cloud’ and Flying: The REAL danger


Royal Society of Chemistry – Element Podcasts

If you love the elements the way I do, check out rsc.org (Royal Society of Chemistry) and listen to the podcasts.  Learn about amazingly deadly fluorine, why helium balloons are a sad thing, and of course, about thorium (though they make little mention of LFTR).

Learn more about the elements

Fascinating stories about every element.


Nanotechnology – Wavelength sized heat exchange

Tungsten photonic crystal

This looks very promising.  A mature technology for heat transfer would allow very small and/or efficient heat exchangers.



Nuclear education video from the ’70s – AND Thorium

We have known about Thorium and breeder reactors for over 40 years.  Here is an educational video from 1970 video which specifically mentions Thorium and breeder reactors.  I also think it is very well done, explaining the basics of nuclear energy in about 12 minutes.  The part on Thorium starts at about the 10 min mark.  Enjoy!

Power From the Atom – ca. 1970

1970s Nuclear Education Video (link)

Video from 1970. I hate to spoil the ending, but the Thorium atom gets the neutron.


Got 2+hrs?  How about 5 minutes?  

If you don’t mind spending some time, this is a link to the full 2+ hr video “Thorium Remix 2011” on Youtube, but the front of the video is a standalone 5 minute preview which is full of information.

There is a lot of good material here, even in the first 5 minutes – and much of it will help to address comments and concerns which have been brought up in our forum.

Learn about Thorium and LFTR in 5 minutes, or take in the full 2+ hours

Learn about Thorium and LFTR in 5 minutes, or take in the full 2+ hours

When we get a copy of the 2012 Thorium Remix video, I’ll post a link to it.  Much of its footage came from TEAC3, and TEAC4 happened just weeks ago at the end of May.


 TEAC4 has happened, and the videos are posted.

Gordon with “Thorium Remix 2012” (author of Thorium Remix 2011) has created a video for almost every topic discussed at TEAC4 plus several others.  Find them here.


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